A Vagrant plugin for providing Ignition Configs to VirtualBox virtual machines
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A Vagrant plugin that generates and mounts gpt partitioned drive for Ignition to use. It is only designed to work with the Virtualbox provider for now.


Build the app using:

$ gem build vagrant-ignition.gemspec

And install it with:

$ vagrant plugin install vagrant-ignition-0.0.3.gem


To use this plugin, a couple of config options must be set in a project's Vagrantfile config section.


config.ignition.enabled: Set to true to enable this plugin

config.ignition.path: Set to the path of the base ignition config (can be nil if there is no base)

config.ignition.config_obj: Set equal to config.vm.provider :virtualbox

config.ignition.drive_root: Set to desired root directory of generated config drive (optional)

config.ignition.drive_name: Set to desired filename of generated config drive (optional)

config.ignition.hostname: Set to desired hostname of the machine (optional)

config.ignition.ip: Set to desired ip of eth1 (only applies if a private network is being created)


Bug reports are welcome at https://issues.coreos.com/.