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Code for my blog post on using .NET anti-forgery tokens in @Sitecore JavaScript Services.
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JavaScript Services Anti-Forgery Tokens

This is a sample repository to demonstrate how to use .NET anti-forgery tokens in Sitecore JavaScript Services with both MVC and Web API controllers using out-of-the-box anti-forgery token validators. The demo API is also completely mocked in disconnected mode to show how this functionality can work in both disconnected and connected modes.


Clone this repository. The rest of the setup assumes you cloned to C:\Projects\Sitecore\jss-anti-forgery-tokens.

Disconnected Mode

  1. Run npm install in /src/Project/JssRocks/client.
  2. Run jss start.

Connected Mode

  1. Install an instance of Sitecore 9.1 Initial Release.
    • The default install path is C:\inetpub\wwwroot\jssaftokens.sitecore.
    • The default URL is jssaftokens.sitecore.
  2. Install Sitecore JavaScript Services 11.0.0.
  3. If you used a clone path, install directory, or URL different than the defaults above, open JssAntiForgeryTokens.sln and modify the following files in the .config folder:
    • CoreySmith.Project.Common.Dev.config
      • Change sourceFolder to your repository directory.
    • CoreySmith.Project.JssRocks.Dev.config
      • Change hostName to the URL you used for your instance.
    • PublishSettings.targets
      • Change publishUrl to the path of your Sitecore instance.
    • scjssconfig.json
      • Change instancePath to the path of your Sitecore instance.
      • Change deployUrl host name to the host name of your Sitecore instance.
      • Change layoutServiceHost to the URL of your Sitecore instance.
  4. Navigate to /src/Project/JssRocks/client and deploy the JSS app with jss deploy files.
    • Run npm install in the directory if you haven't already.
  5. Build the solution in Visual Studio.
    • This will publish all code to your instance thanks to Helix Publishing Pipeline.
    • Note: you may need to reload the solution and build a second time if you get errors about missing assemblies/references when you load Sitecore.
  6. Perform a Unicorn sync at /unicorn.aspx?verb=sync.
  7. Navigate to your site at http://hostname.sitecore.
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