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A version of Hunt The Wumpus for Arduino
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A version of Hunt The Wumpus for Arduino

This project was made with an Arduino Mega 2560. Used components: 1x MAX7219 8x8 Matrix Display module 1x Green LED 1x Blue LED 1x Passive Peizo Speaker 1x Joystick Module 3x 220 Ohm resistors Lots of wire

On startup, the game will generate an 8x8 map for the player that contains bats, pits, and a Wumpus. The player must pay attention to their senses to ensure they don't fall into a pit or run into a Wumpus. Running into a bat might not be instant death, but they can carry you over a pit or even straight to the Wumpus.

If the player wishes to win, they must pinpoint the location of the Wumpus. Then, they must take one step towards the Wumpus (so that they are faceing the proper direction) and fire their only arrow. If they hit the Wumpus, they win! If they miscalculated, however, they will meet a grisly fate.

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