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Halite 3 Bot
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AllYourTurtles bot for Halite III

Was able to make it into the top 10 with this.


  1. Precompute a bunch of stuff
  2. Compute halite/turn for every ship position pair
  3. Spawn a ship if we are behind opponent in # of ships produced or it would give us positive return
  4. Greedily assign ships to positions
    1. once a ship is assigned, reduce the halite/turn of any other assignments to the same position accordingly
  5. Plan dropoffs just based on halite around them, proximity to other dropoffs, and number of ships going there
  6. Plan ships using WHCA* (windowed hierarchical cooperative A* - basically just A* with a time window where reservations matter)

The comments in the code have more details.


Everything is in :X It's commented though, and (at least I think) fairly clean.

Entrypoint: main()


Notable functions:

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