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CSS Parser in Java - !! This project is abandoned - Sorry :( - but maybe there is an active fork where the development can continue !!!
CSS Java
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This project is abandoned

I am sorry to say but this project is abandoned, and I stopped maintaining it back in 2012, as my focus has shifted from Java.

However, there might be an active fork with improvements. Please check the fork tree below.

Again, I am so sorry but I highly appreciate all the stars and forks this project has gotten :-)

-- Christoffer


A simple CSS parser in Java.

An oh, it is also very strict. If it finds an unexpected character in your CSS it self-destructs, taking you with you - making it a great tool to validate strict CSS.

Code examples

As String directly:

    List<Rule> rules = CSSParser.parse("div { width: 100px; -mozilla-opacity: 345; }");

Or from a file (using Apache Commons IO):

        String contents = IOUtils.toString(this.getClass().getResourceAsStream("stylesheet.css"));

        List<Rule> rules = CSSParser.parse(contents);

To print it all out:

    for (Rule rule : rules) {



Or go into details:

    for (Rule rule : rules) {

        // Get all the selectors (such as 'table', 'table td', 'a')
        List<Selector> selectors = rule.getSelectors();

        // Get all the property (such as 'width') and its value (such as '100px')   
        List<PropertyValue> propertyValues = rule.getPropertyValues();


Please view the JavaDoc for more informaton.


Download the latest version here:


Reporting bugs

Please create an issue here:

Test coverage

Version 1.2

Code coverage

Code is also checked with PMD and Checkstyle.


v1.5 2012-04-28 Christoffer Pettersson

  • The parser can now handle nested comments. Thanks to Justin Marsan (HammHetfield) for reporting the bug.

v1.4 2012-03-11 Christoffer Pettersson

  • The parser now gives an error if it founds another colon : while reading the value.

v1.3 2012-02-08 Christoffer Pettersson

  • It is now possible to have duplicate property names in a rule

v1.2 2012-06-07 Christoffer Pettersson

  • Added IncorrectFormatException.ErrorCode for more specific exceptions
  • Added support for values with data URIs

v1.1 2012-02-06 Christoffer Pettersson

  • While inside the INSIDE_PROPERTY_NAME and a colon : is read, a IncorrectFormatException is thrown

v1.0 2012-02-05 Christoffer Pettersson

  • Initial release


OSBCP CSS Parser Copyright 2012 Christoffer Pettersson, christoffer[at]

Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0

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