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A "deep dive" into global shark attack data. Some questions we'll try to answer:

  • What types of activities are most correlated with shark attacks?
  • Where do most shark attacks occur?
  • What species are responsible for the most attacks (fatal attacks)?

In doing this, we'll do a bit of plotting (barcharts and the like), as well as attempt to visualize the geospatial nature of shark attacks!

A preview of one of our plots (note the "Landsharks!") Shark attacks

Packages we'll use (also listed in our requirements.txt file):

Package Version
ggplot 0.11.5
matplotlib 1.5.3
numpy 1.11.3
pandas 0.19.1
geopy 1.11.0
scikit_learn 0.18.1

Files include:

├──   #Part 1 of script  (plotting, activites)
├──   #Part 2 of script (geocoordinate plotting)
├── data
│   ├── GSAF5.xls           #File from ISAF (
│   └── sharks_coords.csv   #csv with longitude and latitude computed
├── imgs
│   ├── USA_sharks.png
│   ├── fatal_shark_attacks_by_activity.png
│   ├── shark_activities.png
│   ├── shark_attacks_by_activity_type.png
│   └── shark_outliers.png
└── requirements.txt