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Neo4j Cypher DSL implementation in MPS
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Neo4j Cypher DSL implementation in MPS

Due to the fact that the latest version was using MPS 2.something and Cypher 1.9.5, we created this fork. It represents a port to the current MPS version (currently MPS 3.4.3) while also updating to the current Cypher language version (currently 2.3.1).

Please note that this is work in progress. Not all features of Cypher 2.3.1 have been implemented yet - however, the MPS transition is finished.


In order to use this language, you need to checkout out the repo

git clone

and then download the accoring Neo4j version as described here.

further, to use the experimental graph drawing feature, you are required to install graphstream libs to ./solutions/neo4j.cypher.runtime/libs/graphstream/ (being gs-core-1.3.jar and gs-ui-1.3.jar)

Then open the project using MPS 3.4.3 and generate all required languages and solutions. You should be ready to go!


Are very welcome :)

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