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Lorekeeper is a framework for managing deviantART-based ARPGs/closed species masterlists coded using the Laravel framework. In simple terms - you will be able to make a copy of the site, do some minor setup/enter data about your species and game, and it'll provide you with the automation to keep track of your species, players and ARPG submissions.


  • Users can create an account which will hold their characters and earnings from participating in the game.
  • Mods can add characters to the masterlist, which can also record updates to a character's design. (Yes, multiple mods can work on the masterlist at the same time.)
  • Characters get a little bio section on their profile that their owners can edit. Personalisation!
  • Users' ownership histories (including whether they are an FTO) and characters' previous owners are tracked.
  • Users can submit art to the submission queue, which mods can approve/reject. This dispenses rewards automagically.
  • Users can spend their hard-earned rewards immediately, without requiring mods to look over their trackers (because it's all been pre-approved).
  • Characters, items and currency can be transferred between users. trading between users for game items/currency/characters on-site is also a thing.
  • Logs for all transfers are kept, so it's easy to check where everything went.
  • The masterlist is king, so ownership can't be ambiguous, and the current design of a character is always easily accessible.
  • Speaking of which, you can search for characters based on traits, rarity, etc. Also, trait/item/etc. data get their own searchable lists - no need to create additional pages detailing restrictions on how a trait should be drawn/described.
  • Unless you want to, in which case you can add custom pages in HTML without touching the codebase!
  • A raffle roller for consecutive raffles! Mods can add/remove tickets and users who have already won something will be automatically removed from future raffles in the sequence.
  • ...and more! Please refer to the Wiki for more information and instructions for usage.


Important: For those who are not familiar with web dev, please refer to the Wiki for a much more detailed set of instructions!!

Obtain a copy of the code

$ git clone

Configure .env in the directory

$ cp .env.example .env

Client ID and secret for at least one supported social media platform are required for this step. See the Wiki for platform-specific instructions.

Add the following to .env, filling them in as required (also fill in the rest of .env where relevant):

CONTACT_ADDRESS=(contact email address)
DEVIANTART_ACCOUNT=(username of ARPG group account)

Setting up

Composer install:

$ composer install

Generate app key and run database migrations:

$ php artisan key:generate 
$ php artisan migrate

Add basic site data:

$ php artisan add-site-settings
$ php artisan add-text-pages
$ php artisan copy-default-images

Finally, set up the admin account for logging in:

$ php artisan setup-admin-user

You will need to send yourself the verification email and then link your social media account as prompted.


If you have any questions, please feel free to ask in the Discord server: