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This repo contains the source files for the "" website.


First time after cloning the project or after making some source changes

git submodule init

git submodule update

# Setup, make a dev build and start a server
npm start

To update the documentation after a new release

# Pick-up changes in the dependent modules
npm run update

# Generate .md files for API and launch local server
npm start

To stage and deploy an update

npm run stage
# Make a clean production build.
# Output goes inside submodules/

npm run restart
# Validate that everything works well in the browser then...

npm run deploy
# submodules/ (a git submodule) gets pushed to


The site is published using GitHub Pages. The main benefit of using GH Pages is the workflow integration (pubshing to GH triggers an automatic update of the site being served)

The content of the sites are authored primarily as Markdown files, processed with eleventy to turn them into HTML/CSS.

The main eleventy configuration is in the config/eleventy.js file, including the definition of the Markdown to use.

The Markdown engine is markdown-it which implements CommonMark.

The mardown-it-attrs plugin allows the styling of paragraphs, e.g.

This is a notice. {.notice--info}

The markdown-it-deflist plugin supports pandc style definition lists:

Term 1
:   Definition 1
:   Second definition

The output is in the submodules/ directory. That directory is a Git submodule which is linked to the repo. That repo is the one published by GH Pages (for organization, only an entire repo can be published, for projects, the contents can be contained in a /docs directory).

See also submodules.

The repo must also include two additional files:

  • .nojekyll which indicates to GitHub that it should not process the content of this repo with Jekyll (since this is already the output from Jekyll)
  • CNAME with a content of

These files are created when running npm run stage.

Use the Settings tab in the repo to indicate the use of a custom domain.

In addition, the DNS entries for must include the following:

  • a CNAME record that points to to
  • Four A records that point to


The npm run build command generates the documentation for the APIs from the TypeScript .d.ts file into the build/ directory.

The build process uses the typedoc tool to parse the API header files and output a json files in the build/ directory.

Note: To debug the converter, use the VSCode debugger. Select Debug > Start Debugging to start a debugging session right in VSCode.

The build-guides script then converts the json file into markdown in the ./src/build directory, which can then be processed by eleventy with npm run build or npm start.

The CSS styling information is defined in src/_sass/.

The API documentation should follow the Google Documentation Style Guide ( and

In addition, the TypeScript code should follow the Google Style Guide:

Setup and scripts

The project follows the GitHub standard for naming project scripts.

To do a local build:

npm start

To do a build ready to be staged:

npm run stage


The "testing" of the generated site consist of checking links, and that the generated HTML is valid.