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[UNMAINTANED] I have decided to continue development with Ripasso instead! Check it out! If you are curious why, I wrote this

Simple UI for password-store


This is a very simple read-only UI for searching the passwords in your password store. It is written in Go.

I wrote it because I wanted something with a simpler UI than QTPass, and the C++ code made me scared. This does only what I want with a fraction of the lines of code. It also has pretty colors!

Decryption is handled by GPGME, so hopefully whatever gpg agent you are running should just work.


Type in the search box to find the password you want. Hit enter to put it in the clipboard. Currently, you can only copy the first line in the file (which is where you probably have your password).

VIM keybindings are supported for selecting an entry (Ctrl-J, Ctrl-K). Ctrl-L selects the search box.


If you have go installed: go get

For building, you need to install the genqrc command from

Pre-built binaries coming soon.

This might work on OSX, but I haven't tried building it.

Pull requests are very welcome!

Licence: GPLv3


Gopass: A simple password-store GUI




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