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Corteza Technical Documentation

Corteza platform is provided in form of Docker containers:

Web applications are using HTTP REST and WebSocket protocol JSON format to access data on backend server.

Mobile application (hybrid mobile through Apache Cordova) is still in testing mode.

How to test, install/deploy


Deployment with a minimum set of containers (database + backend + frontend)

Instructions for simple deployment.


Deployment with multiple backend containers (microservice) and a frontend container.

Instructions for advanced deployment.

Local (development mode)

You can check out all backend and frontend repositories and follow instructions on how to start development servers in each one.

Golang and/or JavaScript/Vue.js experience is required.

Getting Corteza online

(Discouraged for local/dev deployments)

To allow users to access Corteza web applications and services you need to route web traffic to the containers.

Setup, confguration and administration details

You can find additional help about how to configure and manage Corteza server inside cortezaproject/corteza-server repository.

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