Terminal recorder: Record your termial session into HTML
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terminal-recorder Dependency Status


Terminal recorder allows you to record your bash session, and export it to html so then you can share it with your friends.



$ [sudo] npm install -g terminal-recorder


$ terminal-recorder --help

  Usage: terminal-recorder [options]


    -h, --help            output usage information
    -V, --version         output the version number
    -o, --outpath [path]  Add the specified [path] to place the folder
                            that will contain the recorded html files

# Start recording
$ terminal-recorder

# recording...
[type your stuff and then hit Ctrl+c]

# Notice a new folder was created

$ tree terminal-recorder-html/ -L 1
├── bower_components
├── bower.json
├── css
├── index.html
└── js

# Just open the index.html with your favourite browser
$ firefox terminal-recorder-html/index.html &

# See the magic ;)

Final output looks like this Demo Pic


  • Records all keystrokes sent to stdin
  • Saves stdout in a log file logs.txt
  • Export actions to html
  • Timeline indicator
  • Rollback actions

Comming soon

  • More templates
  • Define starting cmd (Other than bash)
  • Add param for picking cancelling key (Ctrl+c, Ctrl+d)
  • Specify terminal size


Open a terminal:

$ tail -f logs.txt

Open a second terminal:

$ terminal-recorder

Start typing in the second console, and look how the first one is mimicking your moves.

Known issues

  • Record all keys, including passwords. So be careful with that.

Cool Stuff

Cool things that you can do:

$ filget awesomeness # Impress your friends
$ nethack # Play nethack
$ vim # Teach your friends with vim
$ htop # Show server state
$ tmux # Open the terminal multiplexor
$ cmatrix # feel like neo :)