Plex Media Server channel for comic archives.
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A Plex Media Server channel.

Browse and view locally stored CBZ, CBR, CB7 comic book archives. It currently acts like a file browser, starting at the directory specified in the channels preferences.

Each user of the channel will have their reading status saved for each comic. Comics can be marked as read/unread and can be resumed from your previous position.

Format Support

  • .CBZ - the ideal format for the channel. Consider converting archives to zip, it's much easier to work with.
  • .CBR - requires unrar.
  • .CB7 - requires 7-Zip (windows). or p7zip (linux, osx).

.zip, .rar, and .7z should also work.


  • unrar
  • 7-Zip
  • set channel preferences paths:
    • C:\Program Files (x86)\WinRAR\unrar.exe if you installed WinRAR, or C:\wherever\unrar.exe
    • C:\Program Files (x86)\7-Zip\7z.exe if you installed 7-Zip.


sudo apt-get install unrar p7zip


use Homebrew

brew install p7zip
brew install unrar

Plex Client Support

working: OpenPHT, PMP, Plex Web, Android, iOS

Channel Preferences

  • Comics Path: path to the root directory of where comic archives are stored.
  • Unrar Executable Path: path to unrar binary. leave blank if unrar is in $PATH.
  • 7-Zip Executable Path: path to 7z binary. leave blank if 7z is in $PATH.
  • Items per page: default: 50 number of directories/comics to show per page.
  • Number of pages to include before resume page: default: 5 when going to the resume option on a comic, the channel will start the list at the last viewed page. This is the number of pages prior to that page to include so you can get a recap.
  • Show directories on top: Put the directories at the start of the list when file browsing. (Windows style)
  • Enable channel updater: default: enabled disable this if you don't want the channel to check for updates.
  • Read Indicator: default: <blank> string to add to the start of a file to indicate it is read.
  • Unread Indicator: default: * string to add to the start of a file to indicate it is unread.
  • In Progress Indicator: default: > string to add to the start of a file to indicate it is in progress.
  • Prevent client image caching: default: disabled In order to keep track of your position in a comic, the channel runs code when it serves a page to the client. If the client holds a cached copy it won't make a request to the server and we can't track what page you are on.
    • Enable this option to get the client to download a new copy of the page every time it's viewed.
    • If you don't have any issues with the resume features, you can leave this disabled to save bandwidth.