Ecto adjacency list and tree traversal
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Ecto adjacency list and tree traversal using CTEs. Arbor uses a parent_id field and CTEs to create simple deep tree-like SQL hierarchies.


If available in Hex, the package can be installed as:

Add arbor to your list of dependencies in mix.exs:

  def deps do
    [{:arbor, "~> 1.0.5"}]


Arbor has been benchmarked on 10mm+ record tables with efficient results:

10,000,000 rows, 25% root

Running siblings
	10000 runs
	Total time: 1.793026000000013
	Avg: 1.7930260000000131e-4
Running children
	10000 runs
	Total time: 1.5967949999999786
	Avg: 1.5967949999999787e-4
Running descendants
	10000 runs
	Total time: 2.5418830000000012
	Avg: 2.5418830000000013e-4
Running ancestors
	10000 runs
	Total time: 2.87076499999998
	Avg: 2.87076499999998e-4


defmodule Comment do
  use Ecto.Schema
  # See config options below
  use Arbor.Tree, foreign_key_type: :binary_id

  schema "comments" do
    field :body, :string
    belongs_to :parent, __MODULE__


All methods return composable Ecto queries. For in depth examples see the tests


Returns root level records.

roots = Comment.roots
        |> Repo.all


Return the siblings of a record.

siblings = my_comment
           |> Comment.siblings
           |> Comment.order_by_popularity
           |> Repo.all


Returns the entire ancestor (parent's parent's parent, etc) path to the record, but not including the record.

ancestors = my_comment
              |> Comment.ancestors
              |> Comment.order_by_inserted_at
              |> Repo.all


Returns the entire descendant tree of a record, but not including the record.

descendants = my_comment
              |> Comment.descendants
              |> Comment.order_by_inserted_at
              |> Repo.all

A second parameter can be passed to descendants to specify how deep from the root of the tree to retrieve the descendants from.

descendants = my_comment
              |> Comment.descendants(2)
              |> Comment.order_by_inserted_at
              |> Repo.all


Returns the immediate children of a record.

children = my_comment
           |> Comment.children
           |> Repo.all


Returns the record's parent.

parent = my_comment
         |> Comment.parent
         |> Repo.first


  • table_name - set the table name to use in CTEs
  • tree_name - set the name of the CTE
  • primary_key - defaults to field from Ecto's @primary_key
  • primary_key_type - defaults to type from Ecto's @primary_key
  • foreign_key - defauts to :parent_id
  • foreign_key_type - defaults to type from Ecto's @primary_key
  • orphan_strategy - defaults to :nothing currently unimplemented


You'll need PostgreSQL installed and a user that can create and drop databases.

You can specify it with the environment variable ARBOR_DB_USER.

The mix test task will drop and create the database for each run.

mix test