⚠️ Investigate https://github.com/kentcdodds/nps It's 100% better maintained and probably more feature-rich. | Like package scripts? Dislike that they're in JSON? package-script-manager adds Javascript to your package.json scripts.
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Package Script Manager

Like package scripts? Dislike that they're in JSON?

psm adds Javascript to your package.json scripts.

📰 Read all about it!


npm install --devDependencies package-script-manager (npm i -D package-script-manager)


  • Create psm.js as a sibling to package.json. Inside of psm.js, module.exports an object.
  • Migrate all your scripts from package.json to that object in psm.js
  • Warning: psm is destructive. It will replace whatever scripts you have in package.json with the scripts from psm.js. Copy your package.json "scripts" over somewhere safe before proceeding.
  • Run node_modules/.bin/psm
  • psm will copy the scripts from psm.js to package.json, as well as create a couple helper scripts (psm, psm:watch)
  • Do whatever JS stuff you wanted to do in psm.js
  • npm run psm or npm run psm:watch

Contrived Example

Note: static-minifier isn't referencing a real npm package.

// psm.js
const src = 'source'
const minifyable = [

module.exports = {
  // Minify all css, js, and images
  "minify": `static-minifier --watch --input-dirs=${minifyable.join(',')} --output-dir=dist`,
  // Watch static assets to minify, as well as automatically updating npm scripts when psm.js is changed.
  "start": "npm-run-all -p minify psm:watch"
// package.json
  // ...
  "scripts": {
    "minify": "static-minifier --watch --input-dirs=source/css,source/js,source/img --output-dir=dist",
    "start": "npm-run-all -p minify psm:watch",
    "psm": "psm psm.js package.json",
    "psm:watch": "chokidar psm.js -c 'npm run psm'"
  // ...


For initialization, you'll need to explicitly use node_modules/.bin/psm. This will run psm; migrate scripts from the [input] (psm.js by default) to the [target] (package.json by default); and create a few helper scripts (psm, psm:watch) configured with the same [input] and [target].

  • $ node_modules/.bin/psm [input] [target]
  • $ node_modules/.bin/psm my-cool-scripts.js package.dry-run.json

After psm has been initialized, you can use npm run psm to manually run psm, or npm run psm:watch to migrate scripts on [input] changes.


I saw a bunch of people saying other task runners were more configurable because they allowed for things like variables. I've ran across this dilemma a few times, but I 💗 CLI, so this plugin quashes those issues.

To be quite honest, I've forgotten what those situations were, but now I can turn to this tool when they rear their ugly heads, and since it's so low-level, it's very extendable with plain Node as well (without needing a plugin-specific API layer like other task runners).

I'm excited to see if the community can come up with good uses for psm. I feel like this might be a cool thing. I'll probably create an org for this and collect plugins there.

Sorry if it's silly and I'm just further polluting the ecosystem. 😐