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Twitter bootstrap based theme for Plone
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Plone theme based on Twitter Bootstrap 2.0.

This theme is intended to be used with the PloneSocial suite.



Plonesocial.theme is maintained by Cosent.

This package is forked from diazotheme.bootstrap by Izhar Firdaus.


Install the plonesocial.theme product using the Add-on Control Panel. This will activate the theme and also setup Plone's default public.css to only included when Diazo is enabled or when you are viewing the Theming Control Panel. This theme includes its own public.css which had several items from the default public.css removed.


  • Turn your site into a pretty Bootstrap based theme, and also simplifies templating of customization addons.
  • Portlets are converted to div elements instead of dl, dt, dd
  • presentation_view is enhanced with Google's HTML5 slides
  • Included carousel portlet provides a way to display images using Bootstrap's carousel
  • eea.facetednavigation is also supported, with some enhancements.
    • The diazo rules rewrite facetednavigation templates to take advantage of the responsive design.
    • If the first widget at the top widget slot is a text search widget, it will appear as a full width widget with a different background.
  • Installing webcouturier.dropdownmenu will enhance the top navigation with dropdown menus.

Using Bootstrap javascripts

This product leaves plone jquery alone not to break existing functionality. But bootstrap requires a newer jQuery version. We include the needed one renaming it to jQuery17. If you need js functionality from bootstrap you have to use jQuery17, for instance

$(function() {


to activate the tooltip plugin on elements with the class "tooltipped".

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