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Inventory App

Inventory App A simple inventory management application powered by the Cosmic JS API built with Laravel as it's backend and Vue.js as its frontend.

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Getting Started

To install the php dependencies you will need to have composer installed. If you do not have composer installed, you can follow steps to do so here:

Setting bucket information

To set your Bucket slug simply run

php artisan bucket bucket-slug read-key write-key

Both read and write keys are optional

Starting the Server

To start up a server for the app run php artisan serve and navigate to in your browser

Install NPM Dependencies (Optional)

If you intend on making changes to the code then you can follow these steps, as the app should run fine without it. Make sure you have node and npm installed to the latest version. If you dont have them installed go here to learn how you can install them.

If you already have npm or once you have it installed, cd to the project root directory and run:

npm install

This will install all of laravel mix requirement as the project uses laravel-mix and Vue.js


Inventory management app powered by Vue.js, Laravel and Cosmic JS



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