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Examples for HERMES
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Examples for Hermes

These are examples for Hermes, a publicly available computational framework for the line of sight integration over galactic radiative processes.

Examples here are separated into three sections: Jupyter notebook examples, Python script examples and examples in C++. It is recommended for beginners to study them in the presented order.

Jupyter notebooks are meant for sketching ideas and quickly testing them, where accuracy and details of results are of lower priority. It's like a digital blackboard. Notebooks provide an efficient environment for rapid iterations between modifying input parameters and components of Hermes, processing scripts and inspecting results by directly plotting them.

The purpose of stand-alone Python scripts is to execute well-defined scenarios where a systematic approach and the accuracy of final results are of the highest importance. High-resolution sky maps require more time to be calculated, so Python scripts are a natural way to run Hermes remotely, on a computer cluster.

Hermes can be also used as a C++ library, and that is the best way how to extend its functionality and add new features. C++ examples are here to show these cases.

Jupyter notebooks

Python scripts

C++ sources

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