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package types
import (
// DefaultKeyringServiceName defines a default service name for the keyring.
const DefaultKeyringServiceName = "cosmos"
// Config is the structure that holds the SDK configuration parameters.
// This could be used to initialize certain configuration parameters for the SDK.
type Config struct {
fullFundraiserPath string
keyringServiceName string
bech32AddressPrefix map[string]string
txEncoder TxEncoder
addressVerifier func([]byte) error
mtx sync.RWMutex
coinType uint32
sealed bool
// cosmos-sdk wide global singleton
var sdkConfig *Config
// GetConfig returns the config instance for the SDK.
func GetConfig() *Config {
if sdkConfig != nil {
return sdkConfig
sdkConfig = &Config{
sealed: false,
bech32AddressPrefix: map[string]string{
"account_addr": Bech32PrefixAccAddr,
"validator_addr": Bech32PrefixValAddr,
"consensus_addr": Bech32PrefixConsAddr,
"account_pub": Bech32PrefixAccPub,
"validator_pub": Bech32PrefixValPub,
"consensus_pub": Bech32PrefixConsPub,
coinType: CoinType,
fullFundraiserPath: FullFundraiserPath,
txEncoder: nil,
keyringServiceName: DefaultKeyringServiceName,
return sdkConfig
func (config *Config) assertNotSealed() {
defer config.mtx.Unlock()
if config.sealed {
panic("Config is sealed")
// SetBech32PrefixForAccount builds the Config with Bech32 addressPrefix and publKeyPrefix for accounts
// and returns the config instance
func (config *Config) SetBech32PrefixForAccount(addressPrefix, pubKeyPrefix string) {
config.bech32AddressPrefix["account_addr"] = addressPrefix
config.bech32AddressPrefix["account_pub"] = pubKeyPrefix
// SetBech32PrefixForValidator builds the Config with Bech32 addressPrefix and publKeyPrefix for validators
// and returns the config instance
func (config *Config) SetBech32PrefixForValidator(addressPrefix, pubKeyPrefix string) {
config.bech32AddressPrefix["validator_addr"] = addressPrefix
config.bech32AddressPrefix["validator_pub"] = pubKeyPrefix
// SetBech32PrefixForConsensusNode builds the Config with Bech32 addressPrefix and publKeyPrefix for consensus nodes
// and returns the config instance
func (config *Config) SetBech32PrefixForConsensusNode(addressPrefix, pubKeyPrefix string) {
config.bech32AddressPrefix["consensus_addr"] = addressPrefix
config.bech32AddressPrefix["consensus_pub"] = pubKeyPrefix
// SetTxEncoder builds the Config with TxEncoder used to marshal StdTx to bytes
func (config *Config) SetTxEncoder(encoder TxEncoder) {
config.txEncoder = encoder
// SetAddressVerifier builds the Config with the provided function for verifying that addresses
// have the correct format
func (config *Config) SetAddressVerifier(addressVerifier func([]byte) error) {
config.addressVerifier = addressVerifier
// Set the BIP-0044 CoinType code on the config
func (config *Config) SetCoinType(coinType uint32) {
config.coinType = coinType
// Set the FullFundraiserPath (BIP44Prefix) on the config
func (config *Config) SetFullFundraiserPath(fullFundraiserPath string) {
config.fullFundraiserPath = fullFundraiserPath
// Set the keyringServiceName (BIP44Prefix) on the config
func (config *Config) SetKeyringServiceName(keyringServiceName string) {
config.keyringServiceName = keyringServiceName
// Seal seals the config such that the config state could not be modified further
func (config *Config) Seal() *Config {
defer config.mtx.Unlock()
config.sealed = true
return config
// GetBech32AccountAddrPrefix returns the Bech32 prefix for account address
func (config *Config) GetBech32AccountAddrPrefix() string {
return config.bech32AddressPrefix["account_addr"]
// GetBech32ValidatorAddrPrefix returns the Bech32 prefix for validator address
func (config *Config) GetBech32ValidatorAddrPrefix() string {
return config.bech32AddressPrefix["validator_addr"]
// GetBech32ConsensusAddrPrefix returns the Bech32 prefix for consensus node address
func (config *Config) GetBech32ConsensusAddrPrefix() string {
return config.bech32AddressPrefix["consensus_addr"]
// GetBech32AccountPubPrefix returns the Bech32 prefix for account public key
func (config *Config) GetBech32AccountPubPrefix() string {
return config.bech32AddressPrefix["account_pub"]
// GetBech32ValidatorPubPrefix returns the Bech32 prefix for validator public key
func (config *Config) GetBech32ValidatorPubPrefix() string {
return config.bech32AddressPrefix["validator_pub"]
// GetBech32ConsensusPubPrefix returns the Bech32 prefix for consensus node public key
func (config *Config) GetBech32ConsensusPubPrefix() string {
return config.bech32AddressPrefix["consensus_pub"]
// GetTxEncoder return function to encode transactions
func (config *Config) GetTxEncoder() TxEncoder {
return config.txEncoder
// GetAddressVerifier returns the function to verify that addresses have the correct format
func (config *Config) GetAddressVerifier() func([]byte) error {
return config.addressVerifier
// GetCoinType returns the BIP-0044 CoinType code on the config.
func (config *Config) GetCoinType() uint32 {
return config.coinType
// GetFullFundraiserPath returns the BIP44Prefix.
func (config *Config) GetFullFundraiserPath() string {
return config.fullFundraiserPath
// GetKeyringServiceName returns the keyring service name from the config.
func (config *Config) GetKeyringServiceName() string {
return config.keyringServiceName
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