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The Internet of Blockchains


  1. cosmos-sdk Public

    ⛓️ A Framework for Building High Value Public Blockchains

    Go 4k 1.7k

  2. cosmos Public

    Internet of Blockchains

    TeX 1.1k 260

  3. ibc Public

    Interchain Standards (ICS) for the Cosmos network & interchain ecosystem.

    TeX 565 186

  4. ethermint Public archive

    Ethermint is a scalable and interoperable Ethereum, built on Proof-of-Stake with fast-finality using the Cosmos SDK.

    Go 389 146

  5. gaia Public

    Cosmos Hub

    Go 122 442

  6. cosmjs Public

    The Swiss Army knife to power JavaScript based client solutions ranging from Web apps/explorers over browser extensions to server-side clients like faucets/scrapers.

    TypeScript 286 130