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drupalize your data with entities
drupalcon 2012
speaker; wolfgang ziegler aka fago (entity api maintainer)
big shift in d7- fields everywhere, thanks to entites
other concept ius bundles -
analogous to content types
taxonomy terms and vocabularies
users have no bundles
lots of modules expose entites: commerce, og, profile2, file entity, heartbeat/message
lots of moudles expose stuff that modifies existing modules
entity api:
unified access to any data in drupal (e.g. search, vote, entity ref, rules all work on entities)
entity intercation:
entity api is your friend
core defines entities, entity api extends them
metadata wrapper: lets you mess with metadata without caring about how it's stored
smart get/set with a bit of magic
label = human-readable value (?)
metadata wrapper also includes access
property info:
unified acccess to entity data, plus validation and access control
validation examples:
commerce, vbo and og (simplest, via entity metadata wrapper)
rules, search api (rely on entity property information)
microdata (annotates metadata based on property data)
restws, wsclient (based just on entity type)
entity tokens (ensures there's a token)
entity views (???)
providing an entity type:
specify controller class
implement hook_schema()
use entity_create('type', ...) before save, etc
integrating entity types
most of the work happens in the entity api code
info + crud conttroller + schema, field api, property info
views, rules and tokens sit on top of this
entities can be made exportable
profile2: good example, uses lots of features of entities
has own entity tpe, bundles
supports CRUD, field api, admin ui, views/features/tokesn etc
access, permissions, display and the profile form are the responsibility of the site admin
entities don't have to be db-based
nosql, doctrine, phpcr or remote entities, integrate random data
fields go into the db by default, so integrating them into a non-sql storage is tricky
be non-fieldable, use only properties
can enable entity cache module, cache entities in memcache ( )
can use search api to index remote entities (just have to deal with staleness)
example: google picasa entities -
needs work:
there's no read-only mode
generate display, generated form
drupal 8:
entity api is in core
full crud controller in core (currently in comments, soon to be in the others)
will need to use entity_create('type', ...) because stdclass won't work
this'll also mean that you can do ->save(), ->delete(), etc
class Comment extends Entity { ... }