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The Official Couchbase Elasticsearch Connector
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Couchbase Elasticsearch Connector

The Couchbase Elasticsearch Connector replicates your documents from Couchbase Server to Elasticsearch in near real time. The connector uses the high-performance Database Change Protocol (DCP) to receive notifications when documents change in Couchbase.

If you’re looking for the Elasticsearch Plug-in flavor of the connector, that’s in a different branch.

This product is neither affiliated with nor endorsed by Elastic. Elasticsearch is a trademark of Elasticsearch BV, registered in the U.S. and in other countries.

Building the connector from source

The connector distribution may be built from source with the command:

./gradlew build

The distribution archive will be generated under build/distributions. During development, it might be more convenient to run:

./gradlew installDist

which creates build/install/couchbase-elasticsearch-connector as a $CBES_HOME directory.

Running the integration tests

A local Docker installation is required for these tests. To quickly test using only the latest Couchbase and Elasticsearch:

./gradlew integrationTest

To test against all supported versions of Couchbase and Elasticsearch:

./gradlew exhaustiveTest

IntelliJ IDEA setup

Because the project uses annotation processors, some fiddly setup is required when importing the project into IntelliJ IDEA.

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