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Couchbase's development for of the missing package manager for OS X.
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Couchbase Homebrew

What is this?

This is the Couchbase fork of homebrew on which we publish updates to various things we'd like to be pulled and integrated into the upstream homebrew repositories.

What do you Brew?

At the moment, we provide libvbucket and libcouchbase through homebrew. These are client libraries, intended for C/C++ developers or to be used with the Ruby, PHP and other client libraries. More information on installing those can be found at the Couchbase Website.

Couchbase Server packages for Mac OS X 64-bit Intel may be found on the Couchbase Download page.

We would welcome contributions of other brew packages.

You will notice in this repository, the master branch has been orphaned intentionally, leaving only this readme. There are two other branches, the "stable" branch and the "preview" branch. The stable branch has formulae for the current, stable releases. The preview branch has previews of upcoming releases.

Quick Installation Guide

To install stable version just make sure you homebrew repository is up to date and install libcouchbase formula.

$ brew update
$ brew install libcouchbase

For preview version, you should use this fork and install from "preview" branch:

$ brew install

Have an Issue?

Please report it on the issue tracker.

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