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Memcached work planned for contribution back to memcached/memcached
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MB-16391: Allow for engines to cache log level

Change-Id: If9dc30168c10b79a7b92dadd13e2c2c4819b58c8
Tested-by: buildbot <>
Reviewed-by: Jim Walker <>
latest commit a1801d8f33
@trondn trondn authored
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auditd Initialize terminate_audit_daemon to false
cbsasl Convert pwfile.c to C++
daemon MB-16391: Allow for engines to cache log level
engines MB-16391: Allow for engines to cache log level
etc Audit RBAC failure and invalid packets.
extensions Merge remote-tracking branch 'couchbase/sherlock'
include MB-16391: Allow for engines to cache log level
man MB-16087: Remove pre-generated PDF & man page files
programs Fix data race on mock_connstruct::references
support-files Add SMF manifest files
tests MB-16197: Regression test for SASL issue
testsuite Use CB_C,CXX_FLAGS_NO_OPTIMIZE for building unoptimized targets
time MB-16056: Remove/replace assert() with cb_assert; ban assert()
utilities MB-16356: Subdoc: Add support for setting expiry for mutation commands
.gitignore Generate command timings
.mailmap Added a .mailmap
CMakeLists.txt Badmalloc: A malloc implemention which randomly fails
COPYING add a duplicate of the LICENSE file so GNU automake doesn't assume it…
LICENSE change from GPL to BSD. Undefine ntoh functions on linux to avoid warnings
memcached_dtrace.d Tynset - A multi-bucket default_engine
trace.h MB-8723: Bring back support for DTrace probes
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