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Memcached work planned for contribution back to memcached/memcached
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Latest commit 49294dc @daverigby daverigby committed with trondn MB-17913: Add name for engine feature 7 (datatype)
Change-Id: I4eb4c6af4373ba7a83c81a83c4bf58c02f32bb61
Tested-by: buildbot <>
Reviewed-by: Trond Norbye <>
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auditd Use a subset of the audit descriptors for KV CI
cbsasl Fix encoding/decoding of SCRAM username
daemon MB-17862 - Fix deadlock issue associated with shutdown
docs Link TAP operations in to
engines MB-17506: Return the vbucket map only once
etc MB-14423: Initial support for Greenstack
extensions MB-17045: Ensure that logfiles are not truncated when re-opening afte…
include MB-17913: Add name for engine feature 7 (datatype)
man/man4 Allow the user to specify the list of available mechs
programs Use cbsasl from client apps
protocol Fix broken link in Greenstack readme
support-files Add SMF manifest files
tests MB-17815: Don't increment counters for EWOULDBLOCK
testsuite Use CB_C,CXX_FLAGS_NO_OPTIMIZE for building unoptimized targets
time MB-16056: Remove/replace assert() with cb_assert; ban assert()
utilities MB-17913: Add name for engine feature 7 (datatype)
.gitignore Generate command timings
.mailmap Added a .mailmap
CMakeLists.txt Fix encoding/decoding of SCRAM username
COPYING add a duplicate of the LICENSE file so GNU automake doesn't assume it…
LICENSE change from GPL to BSD. Add SASL documentation Fix build failures on platforms without PKCS5_PBKDF2_HMAC
memcached_dtrace.d Tynset - A multi-bucket default_engine
trace.h MB-8723: Bring back support for DTrace probes

Welcome to the Couchbase memcached project.

This started as Couchbase's fork of the upstream memcached project. It has subsequently evolved since then, so while it shares a name with the upstream project many other things have changed, apart from the name :) For now it's simpler to consider this as the frontend of the Couchbase key-value engine. The primary backend of KV-engine is the eventually persistent engine - ep-engine.



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