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The cblite Tool

cblite is a command-line tool for inspecting and querying LiteCore and Couchbase Lite databases (which are directories with a .cblite2 extension.)

For build instructions, see


Command Purpose
cblite cat Display the body of one or more documents
cblite cp Replicate, import or export a database
cblite file Display information about the database
cblite help Display help text
cblite ls List the documents in the database
cblite put Create or update a document
cblite query Run queries, using the JSON Query Schema
cblite revs List the revisions of a document
cblite rm Delete a document
cblite serve Starts a (rudimentary) REST API listener

See the full documentation...


$  cblite file travel-sample.cblite2
Database:   travel-sample.cblite2/
Total size: 34MB
Documents:  31591, last sequence 31591

$  cblite ls -l --limit 10 travel-sample.cblite2
Document ID     Rev ID     Flags   Seq     Size
airline_10      1-d70614ae ---       1     0.1K
airline_10123   1-091f80f6 ---       2     0.1K
airline_10226   1-928c43f4 ---       3     0.1K
airline_10642   1-5cb6252c ---       4     0.1K
airline_10748   1-630b0443 ---       5     0.1K
airline_10765   1-e7999661 ---       6     0.1K
airline_109     1-bd546abb ---       7     0.1K
airline_112     1-ca955c69 ---       8     0.1K
airline_1191    1-28dbba6e ---       9     0.1K
airline_1203    1-045b6947 ---      10     0.1K
(Stopping after 10 docs)

$  cblite travel-sample.cblite2
(cblite) query --limit 10 '["=", [".type"], "airline"]'
["_id": "airline_10"]
["_id": "airline_10123"]
["_id": "airline_10226"]
["_id": "airline_10642"]
["_id": "airline_10748"]
["_id": "airline_10765"]
["_id": "airline_109"]
["_id": "airline_112"]
["_id": "airline_1191"]
["_id": "airline_1203"]
(Limit was 10 rows)
(cblite) query --limit 10 '{WHAT: [[".name"]], WHERE:  ["=", [".type"], "airline"], ORDER_BY: [[".name"]]}'
["40-Mile Air"]
["AD Aviation"]
["ATA Airlines"]
["Access Air"]
["Aigle Azur"]
["Air Austral"]
["Air Caledonie International"]
["Air Caraïbes"]
["Air Cargo Carriers"]
["Air Cudlua"]
(Limit was 10 rows)
(cblite) ^D
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