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KH Camera Control

PTZ Camera Control Software for Kingdom Halls (Electron App)

This project is made for the PTZOptics line of IP Cameras.

All the components of this project are built using web technologies. Javascript, HTML, CSS, etc. It can be used in it's basic form as Javascript, HTML, and CSS. However, it includes all the additional files necessary to create your own electron based app package.

If you have any bugs or issues to report, please post them here.

Keyboard Shortcuts

  • Preferences/settings menu Command + , (Windows: CTRL + ,)
  • Presets menu Command + . (Windows: CTRL + .)
  • Pan/Tilt camera (arrow keys) up, down, left, right
  • Zoom in/out a, z
  • Reset camera to home position home

Building the Electron App

In order to build the Electron app you'll need the following:

It's not required, but I found it much easier to use these packages as well:

When building on MacOS, you'll need to install Wine

  • The easiest way is to install via Homebrew
  • brew cask install xquartz
  • brew install wine

Once you're ready to build the final app just use command npm run dist