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web-nsupdate - Dynamic DNS service

The "web-nsupdate" package provides dynamic DNS services for domains that you serve with the BIND9 DNS server. This allows devices with dynamic addresses on the Internet, such as a home broadband router, to have a stable domain name.

Dynamic updates for both IPv4 and IPv6 addresses (DNS "A" and "AAAA" records) are supported.

IMPORTANT -- If you do not have a BIND server already setup and running then stop now. This package is a front-end service to clients, allowing them to easily register dynamic DNS changes. It requires a running back-end service such as BIND9 to manage the DNS.

The service is implemented in PHP and runs under a web server such as Apache.

Client updates may be performed any of the following ways:

The included "" script illustrates the second method. It runs "curl" to perform a DNS update. It's based on a script that I run periodically (every 5 minutes) on my network, to contact the "web-nsupdate" service and make updates.

The most recent version has been tested under Debian Linux with the following packages:

  • bind9 (versions 9.7.3, 9.8.4, 9.9.5)
  • apache2 (vers 2.2.16, 2.2.22, 2.4.10)
  • php5 (vers 5.3.3, 5.4.4, 5.7.17)

See the accompanying for installation directions.

This package is written by Chip Rosenthal

The most recent version may be obtained at:


Simple dynamic DNS (dyndns) web service for domains that you serve.




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