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This document covers the API documentation of the SDK for Cozy apps without a server.

Disclaimer: This is not a tutorial to write Cozy application, if you want to understand how to write apps without a server with Cozy, you can read this tutorial.

What is it for?

cozy-browser-sdk is a javascript library made by Cozy. It enables client-side applications to easily make requests to the data-system. The Data-system is the data storage API of the Cozy.

How to use it?

You just have to copy a single file (dist/cozysdk-client.js) to your app repository. You can then require it by using any build tool or include it in your html page through a <script> tag.

We recommend you to follow this tutorial to setup the Cozy SDK tutorial properly.

You can also use npm (npm install cozysdk-client) and then require it from your JS file:

var cozySDK = require('cozysdk-client');

What can it do?


Cozy Browser SDK is developed by Cozy Cloud and distributed under the MIT license.

What is Cozy?

Cozy Logo

Cozy is a platform that brings all your web services in the same private space. With it, your web apps and your devices can share data easily, providing you with a new experience. You can install Cozy on your own hardware where no one profiles you.


You can reach the Cozy Community by:

  • Chatting with us on IRC #cozycloud on
  • Posting on our Forum
  • Posting issues on the Github repos
  • Mentioning us on Twitter