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What is RouteConverter?

RouteConverter is a popular open source tool to display, edit, enrich and convert routes, tracks and waypoints licensed under the GNU Public License. See for details about features, supported formats and languages, screenshots, frequently asked questions and how you can help.


Stable releases are available at

Prereleases are frequently offered at

If you want to contribute

Patches and pull requests are always welcome. If you minimize your diff, it's more likely that your contribution will be applied to the code base. Please stick to the code standards and formatting that you run across. And don't forget to add tests for your changes ;-)

CONTRIBUTORS.txt provides a list of the people who helped developing RouteConverter.

How to develop for RouteConverter

  1. Install a recent Java 8 SDK from

  2. Install a recent Maven 3.5 from

  3. Clone RouteConverter from github:

    git clone git://
  4. Open RouteConverter sources in an Integrated Development Environment (IDE)




    • Install NetBeans IDE Java SE from
    • Install Git via "My NetBeans > Install Plugins"
    • Choose "Open Project..." and the root directory.
  5. Build RouteConverter

    Let JAVA_HOME refer to the Java 8 SDK

    set JAVA_HOME=c:\Programm Files\Java\jdk1.8.0_241

    Let M2_HOME refer to your Maven 3 Installation

    set M2_HOME=c:\Program Files\apache-maven-3.5.3

    Put JAVA_HOME and M2_HOME into your PATH

    set %PATH%=%JAVA_HOME%:%M2_HOME%:%PATH%


    mvn clean package
  6. Run RouteConverter

    java -jar RouteConverterCmdLine/target/RouteConverterCmdLine.jar
    java -jar RouteConverterLinuxOpenSource/target/RouteConverterLinuxOpenSource.jar
    java -jar RouteConverterMacOpenSource/target/RouteConverterMacOpenSource.jar
    java -jar RouteConverterWindowsOpenSource/target/RouteConverterWindowsOpenSource.jar

Have fun!



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