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Provides useful additions to Class
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Class Extras

Provides useful additions to Class.


This Plugin is part of MooTools PowerTools!.


Build via Packager, requires MooTools Core to be registered to Packager already

packager register /path/to/class-extras
packager build Class-Extras/* > mootools-class-extras.js

To build this plugin without external dependencies use

packager build Class-Extras/* +use-only Class-Extras > class-extras.js

How To Use


Provides an alternative way to bind class methods. Stores references to bound methods internally without any manual setup and does not modify the original methods.

new Class({

    Implements: Class.Binds,

    initialize: function(element){
        this.element =;


    attach: function(){
        // Add the click method as event listener
        this.element.addEvent('click', this.bound('click'));

    detach: function(){
        // Retrieves the same reference to the click method and removes the listener
        this.element.removeEvent('click', this.bound('click'));

    click: function(event){

        // doSomething



Can be used to create a single instance of a class per context or per object/DOM-Element. Provides a "check" method to check for the existence of a class instance. Creates a class instance only via explicit "new" statement.

var MySingleton = new Class({

    Implements: Class.Singleton,

    initialize: function(){
        return this.check() || this.setup();

    setup: function(){
        this.value = ...;


new MySingleton === new MySingleton; // Returns the same instance.

Class.getInstanceOf(MySingleton); // Returns the previously created instance.

Class.Singleton can also be used with DOM-Elements to create a single instance of a class per DOM-Element.

var SinglePerElement = new Class({

    Implements: Class.Singleton,

    initialize: function(element){
        return this.check(element) || this.setup();

    setup: function(){}


var myElement ='someElement');

new SinglePerElement(myElement) === new SinglePerElement(myElement); // Same instance

myElement.getInstanceOf(SinglePerElement); // Returns the previously created element

(Note: DOM-Elements are not a requirement, any object with a store and retrieve method works)


Useful for mass initialization of similar objects (usually DOM-Elements). Just a nice shortcut

var create = Class.Instantiate(MyClass, defaultOptions);

create($$('a')); // Creates one instance of MyClass for every a-tag. Initialize parameters are 'element, options'
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