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Makes your web applications more touching. Provides custom events and useful browser information for mobile web (application) development. On iOS it provides a touch event handler that automatically replaces all your click handlers with touch events to overcome the ~300ms click delay. Requires MooTools Core 1.3.
+This Plugin is part of MooTools [PowerTools!](
+* [Build PowerTools!](
+* [Fork PowerTools!](
Build via [Packager](, requires [MooTools Core]( and [MooTools Custom Event]( to be registered to Packager already
- ./packager register /path/to/mobile
- ./packager build Mobile/* > mobile.js
+ packager register /path/to/mobile
+ packager build Mobile/* > mobile.js
To build this plugin without external dependencies use
- ./packager build Mobile/* +use-only Mobile > mobile.js
+ packager build Mobile/* +use-only Mobile > mobile.js
Supported Devices
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