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This Xcode Plugin (and all others) cannot work with Xcode 8 and above. If you care deeply about Xcode plugins such as this, please (PLEASE!) file Radars to Apple asking for the XcodeKit API to expand to allow support for extensions like this one.


CedarShortcuts is an Xcode plugin that adds handy shortcuts for Cedar or Quick.

For example: Cedar and Quick allow you to focus on examples with fit/fdescribe but with this plugin you can select it/describe with your cursor and use a shortcut instead.



  • (This list may or may not be complete)

    CTRL + F Focus (or unfocus) the 'it', 'describe', or 'context' preceding the cursor.
    (Edit > Focus spec under cursor)

    CTRL + X
    Pend (or unpend) the 'it', 'describe' or 'context' preceding the cursor.
    (Edit > Pend spec under cursor)

    Ctrl + Alt + I
    Insert #import declaration for a symbol under the cursor.
    (Edit > Insert Import)

    Ctrl + Alt + C
    Insert @class forward-declaration for a symbol under the cursor.
    (Edit > Forward declare class)

    Shift + Ctrl + Cmd + ↓ Alternate between Spec and implementation in current editor.
    (Navigate > Alternate Between Spec)

    Shift + Ctrl + Alt + Cmd + ↓ Open alternate (spec or implementation) in adjacent editor.
    (Navigate > Open Spec/Impl in Adjacent Editor)

    Ctrl + Alt + E
    Show list of recently opened files
    (View > Standard Editor > Show Recent Files)

    Ctrl + Alt + U
    Runs example under the cursor in the currently active file.
    (Product > Run Focused Spec)

    Ctrl + Alt + Cmd + U
    Runs the all examples in the currently active file.
    (Product > Run Focused File)

    Shift + Ctrl + Alt + Cmd + U
    Runs the previously focused example(s).
    (Product > Run Last Focused Spec(s))

Changing the keyboard shortcut bindings

You can use the OS X keyboard preferences pane to override shortcut for any menu item (System Preferences > Keyboard > Keyboard Shortcuts > Application Shortcuts > '+').

Uninstalling the plugin

(Plugin can be uninstalled by removing CedarShortcuts.xcplugin from ~/Library/Application\ Support/Developer/Shared/Xcode/Plug-ins)