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BOSH provisioner for Packer

BOSH provisioner allows to provision VM by specifying regular BOSH deployment manifest.

You might also be interested in vagrant-bosh.


  1. Run go get to download packer-bosh. Make sure to run git submodule update --init from inside packer-bosh directory.

  2. Configure Packer's $HOME/.packerconfig to know about packer-bosh executable:

  "provisioners": {
    "packer-bosh": "/your-bin-dir/packer-bosh"

See Packer core configuration for more details on how to configure custom provisioners.

  1. Add new provisioning step to your template.json. For example:

  "provisioners": [{
    "type": "packer-bosh",
    "manifest_path": "example-bosh-lite-manifest.yml",
    "assets_dir": "/your-go-dir/src/",
    "ssh_password": "ubuntu"

See dev/template-vbox-*.json for example using VirtualBox.

  1. Create a deployment manifest and specify it via manifest_path option. See dev/example-bosh-manifest.yml for an example deployment manifest used to deploy BOSH Director with BOSH Warden CPI.

  2. Run packer build to build a VM

Provisioner options

  • manifest_path (String, default: nil) must contain a local path to a full BOSH deployment manifest (unless remote_manifest_path is provided)

  • remote_manifest_path (String, default: nil)

    • if manifest_path is not provided, a manifest must be present at remote_manifest_path
    • if manifest_path is also provided, it will be uploaded to remote_manifest_path instead of the default location
  • assets_dir (String, default: nil) should contain path to directory with bosh-provisioner assets

  • ssh_password (String, default: nil) should contain password of SSH user to run sudo; can be empty if password-less sudo is configured

  • full_stemcell_compatibility (Boolean, default: false) forces provisioner to install all (not just minimum) dependencies usually found on a stemcell

  • agent_infrastructure (String, default: warden) configures BOSH Agent infrastructure (e.g. aws, openstack)

  • agent_platform (String, default: ubuntu) configures BOSH Agent platform (e.g. ubuntu, centos)

  • agent_configuration (Hash, default: '{ ... }')

Using provisioner to build BOSH stemcells

See building AWS Stemcell.