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Redmine-Trello Integration

This project provides extremely simplistic synchronization of Redmine tickets to Trello boards.

Recent versions also have the ability to create Trello cards from github pull requests.


  • Requires ruby 1.9 because it uses some of the newer character encoding features


  • Clone this git repo
  • Make a copy of config/redmine_trello_config.rb.SAMPLE to config/redmine_trello_config.rb
  • Edit the config file, following the instructions from the sample file to configure your trello access tokens and your mappings from Redmine projects / issue states to the Trello lists you'd like to clone the issues into
  • Set up a cron job that calls bin/copy_to_trello.rb at your desired interval


We are currently running this script against Redmine 1.3.0. It has not been tested with any other versions.