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Use MIDI devices to trigger events in OBS and visa versa.

OBS MIDI came about because two guys complained about the same thing, within the same hour, and decided to try to take on the task

Those two guys are

Status -- CI Multiplatform Build and release

Open Source Helpers Crowdin CodeFactor

A not fully accurate download count (based off the last few releases I have kept) img Currently runs on Windows and Linux, and MAC


  1. Grab the installer from the OBS-Midi Releases Page

  2. Download and run the installer for your OS

  3. Launch OBS

  • The Configuration is under Tools-> OBS Midi Settings

  • Select your controller, hit configure, Toggle a button and fader, remap it to an action and hit save!

Installing Extra Steps - MAC

Installing Extra Steps - Ubuntu SNAP

  • If you install OBS Studio via snap you will need to run the following command to give permissions for OBS to access the raw MIDI devices through ALSA
sudo snap connect obs-studio:alsa

Special thanks to the following projects

  • RTMidi17 An amazing modernized RTMIDI library
  • OBSWebsocket from which much code was borrowed for interfacing with OBS
  • Midi2OBS Where I got my start playing with this
  • Deleaker Without which, finding memory leaks would have been near impossible.

Build Instructions

Build instructions can be found here

Special Thanks to our other contributors


Anyone who wants to help out the project

  • Drop any ideas or suggestions or bugs in the issues
  • Leave an honest review on the obs forum
  • If you know anyone who would be willing to help with the programming let them know about the project
  • If you or anyone you know makes youtube videos, we are always looking for reviews, and tutorial videos �
  • Contribute to translations on crowdin
  • If you know C++ we can always use help with cleaning up the code base and especially hunting and fixing memory leaks.


Use MIDI devices to trigger events in OBS and vice versa




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