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blog: Coldbrew Recipes #2
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title = "Coldbrew Recipes #2"
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# Oatmilk and Cinnamon

Inspired by a local coffee shop.

* 2 oz. cold brew concentrate
* 6 oz. oat milk
* 1/2 oz. [cinnamon honey vanilla simple syrup]({{< ref "/blog/simple-syrup" >}})
* ice (preferrably [clear ice]({{< ref "/blog/clear-ice" >}}))
* ground cinnamon for dusting

Mix cold brew, oat milk, simple syrup, and ice. Dust the top with cinnamon. A dusting of cinnamon is sufficient but greatly enhances the drink's flavor, probably due to some [synergy between taste and smell](

# Almond Milk Mocha

Sometimes mistakes lead to tasty discoveries. In this case I accidentally poured chocolate almond milk instead of vanilla, then decided to keep pouring.

* 2 oz. cold brew concentrate
* 6 oz. chocolate almond milk

Mix and serve warm or over ice.

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