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Free Online Conference and Collaboration Tool with build in WebRTC MCU/SFU running in NodeJS


Available functions

  • Online Conferences with up to 6 participants per room (all Audio / Video)
  • Online Conferences with up to 250 participants per room (all Audio / only Moderator video)
  • Screenshare
  • PDF and HTML5 Presentations
  • Collaborative Whiteboard (can also be hosted standalone)
  • Youtube viewer
  • 3D Object viewer
  • User interactions with draggable items (like Textboxes, Drawings...)
  • Fileshare
  • Text Chat
  • Etherpad in IFrame (Must be hosted on its own)
  • much more...

Installation without Docker

  1. install nodeJs
  2. run: npm install
  3. run: node server.js
  4. surf to:


  • To serve it online you need a reverse proxy and deliver with https (look at "Behind a reverse Proxy" below)
  • On some linux systems you need to install some extra deps to run puppeteer: here.

Docker Installation

  1. build . -t acc
  2. run: docker run -d --net=host acc
  3. surf to http://yourIp:8080


  • To serve it online you need a reverse proxy and deliver with https (look at "Behind a reverse Proxy" below)
  • To have all persistent datas (config, rooms, presentations...) outside of docker, you can run it like this:
docker run -d --name acc --net=host -v /home/acc/config:/app/config -v /home/acc/db:/app/db  -v /home/acc/3dObjs:/app/public/3dObjs -v /home/acc/praesis:/app/public/praesis -v /home/acc/profilePics:/app/public/profilePics -v /home/acc/singlefiles:/app/public/singlefiles acc


On the first start a new folder "/config" will be generated. Take a look at "/config/config.json" for all parameters. Change them if you like, and restart the server. If you don't see a config.json inside the /config folder set permitions of to mount:chmod -R 777 /home/acc and restart the container: docker restart acc.

More to come...


  • Better error feedback
  • More, better docs
  • SIP Integration
  • Recording of Audio/Video (Prototype working)
  • Convert WebRTC Streams to RTMP so we can stream to youtube/twitch live (Prototype working)


  • Audio/Video is not Peer2Peer so it will use some server CPU
  • Max users per loadbalancer is about 256.
  • Video is disabled in rooms with more than 6 People due to hight load (Only enabled for moderator).
  • Firefox sometimes has some issues with the WebRTC audio/video, use chrome to be save
  • If you are running without docker, conversion to PDF presentaions (From Powerpoint and other Docs) will not work without installing "unoconv" on your own
  • Setup a TURN Server if your clients are behind Firewalls and NATs (See configuration/setup below)
  • Self made Audio MCU with AudioApi on Chromium-Stack
  • Videostreams are shared SFU Style

Loadbalancer Setup/Configuration

To setup a loadbalancer just start a second Accelerator server on a different server and change this parameters in your /config/config.json

  • "loadBalancerAuthKey": "key", //Change to the same loadBalancerAuthKey as the key on the master server
  • "isMaster": false,
  • "masterURL": "", //Change this to the URL of your main server
  • "enableLocalMCU": true

Loadbalancing scheduling atm:

  • All users in the same room using the same loadbalancer (Rooms are not balanced over different servers)
  • First stream of room decides which loadbalancer is used for this room (loadbalancer with the least amount of streams at this moment)

TURN Setup/Configuration

  1. Setup your TURN Container on an extra Server: HowTo
  2. Make a new "iceServers" entry in "/config/config.json"
	"urls": "turn:IP_TO_TURN:443",
	"turnServerCredential": "authSecret",
	"username": "webrtcuser"
  • "username" can be anything you like.
  • "turnServerCredential" must be the "authSecret" form the TURN Server installation.

Restart the server.

Behind a nginx reverse Proxy

location /accelerator/ {
	resolver valid=30s;
	proxy_set_header HOST $host;
	proxy_http_version 1.1;
	proxy_set_header Upgrade $http_upgrade;
	proxy_set_header Connection upgrade;

Behind an Apache reverse Proxy

# Proxy /accelerator/ to accelerator container
ProxyPass "/accelerator/" ""
ProxyPassReverse "/accelerator/" ""

Version 0 based on students project work




license: GPLv3.0


Online Conference and Collaboration Tool







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