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RabbitMQ Demo Applications.

The following project includes a Rails and RubyCocoa demo application shown as part of a presentation about Messaging/RabbitMQ at the Melbourne Ruby group.

01 rails

This example is a small Rails application that allows photos to be uploaded to a site. Upon uploads, the photo ID is added to a RabbitMQ queue, and a preview/greyscale/watermarked/edge version of the photo is created in the background. Run server.rb and upload a file using the Rails app under http://localhost:3000/photos/new, or use the bulk poster multiple.rb

02 fanout

This example is a RubyCocoa client that simulates Surf report information, choose a beach and set the size of the swell. Start server.rb to see a list of surf swell sizes as the desktop client reports them. A further queue consumer can be started using the News Feed project, which is a video of surfer quotes. As the dekstop client reports swell sizes, both the video and text feed report the information.