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We've finally merged support based on this repo into Travis-CI, so you can simply use language: r to test your R packages!

Setting up r-travis

This package has a simple shell script for use in running R package builds on travis, along with a sample .travis.yml file. One should be able to set up travis for their own project by:

  • Copying sample.travis.yml to .travis.yml in your project.
    • Copying sample_revdeps.travis.yml to .travis.yml in your project will passively check reverse dependencies.
  • Adding .travis.yml to your .Rbuildignore.
  • Modifying .travis.yml to list any packages that must be installed from github (instead of CRAN).
  • Turn on travis for your project. (Note that in some cases, it may take time for travis to start watching your repo.)
  • Add a travis "build status" shield to your README file.

See the wiki for more extensive documentation and examples.

Linux or OS X builds

By default, builds are done on Linux. That is enabled by choosing language: c in the .travis.yml file. Builds on OS X can be enabled by choosing language: objective-c. See the comments in sample.travis.yml.

Currently, Travis-CI does not support builds that loop over platforms (such as Linux and OS X) in one build.

The future

My plan is to ultimately merge this into travis as a first-class citizen, so that the simplest config would simply say language: R. However, I'm using this repo as a staging ground to make sure I have the kinks worked out first. The end goal would be for the .travis.yml for an R project to be something as simple as

language: r
  - assertthat
  - devtools