XML document, nodes and parsing in Swift
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Simple XML parsing and serializing for Swift.

Import an XML document

Import an XML document simply, and the XML structure will be converted to XMLNode objects.

guard let url = Bundle.main.url(forResource: "books", withExtension: "xml") else { return }
guard let xml = XML(contentsOf: url) else { return }

Use subscripts

Use subscripts to get and set nodes and properties.

xml[0][0]["title"]?.text = "Great Expectations"

Create an XML node

Instantiate a node with its name, or its name and value:

let bookNode = XMLNode(name:"book")

Add child node

You can add a child node with its name and value:

bookNode.addChild(name: "title", value: "Robinson Crusoe")

Or with another XML node:


Serialize XML

Regenerate XML structure from your data with the XMLNode's description property.

Install SwiftXML

Drag the XML.swift file to your project


SwiftXML is Swift 3.0 compatible.