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Landing Page Theme for Hugo

Hugo theme based on the landing-page theme for Jekyll

How to use

Background Images

Override the default intro and contact backgrounds by putting images in these files:

  • img/intro-bg.jpg
  • img/contact-bg.jpg

About Section

Create a markdown file named content/about/

Title: About Us
Draft: false

WidgetCo is the world leader in widget production.

Services Section

Create a markdown file describing a service you offer in content/services/ - e.g. content/services/

Title: Customized Widgets
Img: widgets.png
Category: Services
Draft: false

We specialize in bespoke widgets, built to your specification.

Then place a matching image in static/img/services/ - e.g. static/img/services/widgets.png

Social Contact Buttons

Contact buttons will be automatically created if one or more [[]] is configured in config.toml:

baseurl = ""
languageCode = "en-us"
title = "WidgetCo Inc"
    description = "The best widgets in the world!"

    title = "email"
    icon = "envelope-o"
    url = ""
    title = "twitter"
    icon = "twitter"
    url = ""
    title = "github"
    icon = "github"
    url = ""
    title = "linkedin"
    icon = "linkedin"
    url = ""
  • title parameter sets the text to be displayed on the contact button
  • icon parameter sets which Font Awesome icon will be displayed.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics support is automatically enabled if you set the googleAnalytics param in config.toml to your Google Analytics tracking ID.

googleAnalytics = "UA-12345678-1"

Custom CSS

Add custom CSS by specifying file(s) using custom_css param e.g. files such as static/css/local.css and static/css/media.css

custom_css = ["css/local.css","css/media.css"]


View this equivalent jekyll theme in action here

Have a look, Have a try

git clone
cd landing-page-hugo/exampleSite
hugo server -t landing-page-hugo