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Rename Sword of Jihad

"Jihad" is a politically loaded word these days and Crawl doesn't have
any intention of commenting on the real world.
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alexjurkiewicz committed Jan 18, 2017
1 parent e7aad14 commit 405fccfacef346c0aab6a5bb07763dd9ccea9053
@@ -436,12 +436,13 @@ BRAND: SPWPN_ELECTROCUTION
AC: 5
BOOL: seeinv, berserk

NAME: sword of Jihad
NAME: zealot's sword
PLUS: +10
TILE: urand_jihad
TILE_EQ: jihad
TILE: unrand_zealot_sword
TILE_EQ: zealot_sword
EV: 3
@@ -98,7 +98,7 @@ glaive of the Guard
Dette våben har engang tilhørt Gar Dogh, som vogtede en konges skatte. I følge
legenderne for han vild et sted i de underjordiske gange.
sword of Jihad
zealot's sword

Et langsværd, som er lavet af et kæmpe stykke krystal. Legenderne vil vide, at
det var en gave fra Den Strålende til en tilbeder. Klingen er berygtet for at
@@ -138,7 +138,7 @@ glaive of the Guard
Cette arme a appartenu à Gar Dogh, le gardien du trésor d'un roi. D'après la
légende, elle avait été perdue quelque part dans le donjon.
sword of Jihad
zealot's sword

Une épée longue taillée dans un énorme bloc de cristal. La légende raconte
qu'elle aurait été un cadeau accordé par L’Étincelant à un de ses fidèles.
@@ -94,7 +94,7 @@ glaive of the Guard
sword of Jihad
zealot's sword

@@ -95,7 +95,7 @@ glaive of the Guard
이 창은 과거 왕의 보물을 지키던 파수꾼 ‘가-도우’ 가 쓰던 무기였다. 전설에
따르면, 그는 던전 어딘가에서 행방불명 되었다고 한다.
sword of Jihad
zealot's sword

거대한 수정 덩어리로 만들어진 장검이다. 전설에 따르면, 샤이닝 원이 자신을
따르는 성기사에게 선물했던 무기라고 한다. 이 검은 사용자와, 사용자를 따르는
@@ -87,7 +87,7 @@ glaive of the Guard
Это оружие когда-то принадлежало Г ар Боготу, хранителю королевских сокровищ.
Согласно легенде оно было потеряно где-то в Подземелье.
sword of Jihad
zealot's sword

Длинный меч, сделанный из одного огромного куска кристалла. Легенда гласит, что
это — дар Сияющего одному из своих последователей. Этот клинок известен тем,
@@ -157,7 +157,7 @@ It was stolen a few months later, along with the rest of the queen's treasury;
the guard, it transpired, had been caught napping. Still, it should serve more
than adequately in the hands of a waking user.
sword of Jihad
zealot's sword

A sword made of one huge piece of crystal. Legend says it was the Shining One's
gift to a worshipper. This blade is notorious for inducing bloodthirsty rage in
@@ -1562,7 +1562,7 @@ static string _name_weapon(const item_def &weap, description_level_type desc,
// (since showing 'eudaemon blade' is unhelpful in the former case, and
// showing 'broad axe' is misleading in the latter)
// could be a flag, but doesn't seem worthwhile for only two items
if (is_unrandom_artefact(weap, UNRAND_JIHAD)
if (is_unrandom_artefact(weap, UNRAND_ZEALOT_SWORD)
|| is_unrandom_artefact(weap, UNRAND_DEMON_AXE))
return long_name;
@@ -2790,7 +2790,7 @@ bool monster::go_berserk(bool intentional, bool /* potion */)

if (const item_def* w = weapon())
if (is_unrandom_artefact(*w, UNRAND_JIHAD))
if (is_unrandom_artefact(*w, UNRAND_ZEALOT_SWORD))
for (actor_near_iterator mi(pos(), LOS_NO_TRANS); mi; ++mi)
if (mons_aligned(this, *mi))
@@ -758,7 +758,7 @@ bool player::go_berserk(bool intentional, bool potion)

if (player_equip_unrand(UNRAND_JIHAD))
if (player_equip_unrand(UNRAND_ZEALOT_SWORD))
for (monster_near_iterator mi(you.pos(), LOS_NO_TRANS); mi; ++mi)
if (mi->friendly())
@@ -494,7 +494,7 @@ flaming_death FLAMING_DEATH
leech LEECH
morg MORG
plutonium_sword PLUTONIUM_SWORD
jihad JIHAD
zealot_sword ZEALOT_SWORD
singing_sword SINGING_SWORD
zonguldrok ZONGULDROK
sword_of_power SWORD_OF_POWER

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replied Jan 20, 2017

.. Crawl doesn't have any intention of commenting on the real world? I guess you should remove Zin, TSO, Elyvilon, Beogh, maybe Demigods and Chei too, then.

AFAICS, Crawl mocks all major RL religions (and atheism, too) even-handedly.


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Contributor Author

replied Jan 20, 2017


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replied Jan 25, 2017

Sigh... Fork time again.

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