PHP-Based web application for tracking data in traditional paper-and-pencil role playing games.
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CS-BattleTrack (or "T.T.O.R.P.")

Build Status(

Support TTORP development on GoFundMe:

Web Application Code Moved

The code for the web application is being moved to a private repository. This will continue to be the location of the backend libraries, but the frontend code has been moved elsewhere... at least for now.

What is This?

This is the home for TTORP. Check it out... [ ]

Current Features:

  • Character sheets
  • Campaigns

Items Planned for Future Releases:

  • chat
  • map-based movements
  • round-based battle tracking: hit points, character status, etc.

Character Sheets

Character sheets currently are HTML-based. The page is updated dynamically via AJAX, and the page will highlight all attributes that have changed as a result.