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jmtd and crccheck fits on one floppy disk now (#3)
I read your description and thought "that's still one floppy disk too many". But then I tried the image and realised your description was out-of-date, and it *does* fit onto one floppy.
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Hello World

This is a simple image that just gives a response on port 8000. Use this to test your web orchestration. It's small enough to fit on one floppy disk:

$ docker images | grep hell
REPOSITORY               TAG       IMAGE ID        CREATED          VIRTUAL SIZE
crccheck/hello-world     latest    2b28c6ad8d1b    4 months ago     1.13MB

Sample Usage

Starting a web server on port 80

$ docker run -d --name web-test -p 80:8000 crccheck/hello-world

You can now interact with this as if it were a dumb web server:

$ curl localhost
Hello World

# Every request returns the same thing
$ curl -X POST localhost/super/secret
Hello World

# Does not send actual HTTP responses (this should probably change so this can
# be used with load balancers)
$ curl --write-out %{http_code} --silent --output /dev/null localhost