Raspberry setup framework written in python.
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fabric usage

call fab to see a list of all available commands and options call fab pi:[your pi-ip] run:"ls -al" to execute a command if you setup you config.yml proper you can also run fab pi run:"ls -al" setup/start/stop a service local or remote with fab [service]:[command] if you are on the pi or fab pi:[your pi-ip] [service]:[command] if you are on your extern machine(not the pi)

installation basic

checkout the script and run apt-get install python-setuptools # for easy_install easy_install pip sudo pip install -r requirements.txt --upgrade test with fab help

run fab setup:install or copy the file ./services/setup/src/config.yml.tpl to ./config.yml edit the config file for your needs vim ./config.yml, do the same with ./services/setup/src/config/*.

then if you want to use the same fab commands locally on the pi fab pi setup:install test with fab pi run:"cd pi-setup && fab help" prints same like fab help but output comes from your pi

install and start all services with fab pi setup:install_services

installation detailed(deb 7)

  • burning fresh image to pi's sd card fab os:restore ->sd card number ->file name to store to

  • basic config of your raspberry ssh pi@[your pi-ip] ->raspberry sudo raspi-config ->do it

*update/upgrade os and copy pi-service scripts fab pi setup:install

  • generate a ssh key if you dont allready have one and add him to your local ssh-agent ssh-keygen -t rsa -C "your_email@example.com" ssh-add .ssh/pi_tank_m1_rsa cat .ssh/pi_tank_m1_rsa.pub fab pi os:add_ssh_key ->paste your copied pi_tank_m1_rsa.pub key ssh pi@[your pi-ip] ->no password needed

  • if there re problems ssh connecting without password sudo vim /etc/ssh/sshd_config ->add: AuthorizedKeysFile %h/.ssh/authorized_keys sudo service ssh restart

  • install picam service fab pi picam:install fab pi picam:start ->goto [your pi-ip]:8081 fab pi picam:enable_autostart

  • install piserver service (not yet ready, TODO refactor and move to github) fab pi piserver:install fab pi piserver:start ->goto [your pi-ip]:8000 fab pi piserver:enable_autostart

  • install webiopi service fab pi webiopi:install fab pi webiopi:start ->goto [your pi-ip]:8083

  • backup your fresh new pi os fab os:backup










connect your pi sd card and fab os:backup -> download a bootable backoup from your pi to ./images fab os:restore -> upload an image from ./images to your pi, see also http://www.raspberrypi.org/downloads/


pi give the target host(your pi) with pi:[your-pi-ip] or pi:[your-pi-ip],[user],[pass] help print this help run run a command on local or pi fab run:'ls -al'


os:backup store a bootable image from a sd device to ./images/ (run with sudo) os:info get basic information or with pi*os:info,extended more detailes os:install os:log tail all logs or with pi*os:log,/var/log/messages a specific log os:restart reboot the pi os:restore write a bootable image from ./images/ to sd device os:stop shout down the pi os:uninstall removes service files from remote service folder os:update run upgrade and clean on the pi os:update_firmware update the pi firmware


picam:disable_autostart disable automatic start of this service picam:enable_autostart enable automatic start of this service picam:install setup the *picam image service on your pi picam:restart restart the the service picam:start start the the service picam:stop stop the the service picam:uninstall removes service files from remote service folder picam:update copy service files to remote service folder

piserver (TODO refactor and move to github)

piserver:disable_autostart disable automatic start of this service piserver:enable_autostart enable automatic start of this service piserver:install checkout and setup simple pi server piserver:restart restart the the service piserver:start start the the service piserver:stop stop the the service piserver:uninstall removes service files from remote service folder piserver:update copy service files to remote service folder piserver:update_sync update git repo, then copy to pi and restart


setup:install copy and setup pisetup to your pi, so you can run all commands also locally on your #### pi setup:installed list installed services setup:uninstall removes service files from remote service folder setup:install_services install and start all services setup:update copy service files to remote service folder


webiopi:disable_autostart disable automatic start of this service webiopi:enable_autostart enable automatic start of this service webiopi:install webiopi:restart restart the the service webiopi:start start the the service webiopi:stop stop the the service webiopi:uninstall removes service files from remote service folder webiopi:update


fork this repo and add services, services, services =)

from piservices import PiService
import socket

class PicamService(PiService):
  name             = 'picam'
  init_script      = 'service.sh'
  copy_init_script = True
  apt_get_install  = ['subversion', 'libv4l-dev', 'libjpeg8-dev' ...]

  def install(self):
    """setup the picam image service on your pi"""
    self.sudo('svn co https://svn.code.sf.net/p/mjpg-streamer/code /etc/mjpg-streamer')
    self.run('cd /etc/mjpg-streamer/mjpg-streamer && sudo make USE_LIB4VL=true clean all && sudo make DESTDIR=/usr install')

  def with_init_script_content_do(self, content):
    return content % {'fps'   : self.config.fps,
                      'led'   : self.config.led,
                      'res'   : self.config.res,
                      'port'  : self.config.port}

instance = PicamService()