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CCWCVideo plays back video or web camera feeds. Playback is offered on an internal canvas as well. Consumers can draw directly into this canvas, get a copy of the framedata or even take the canvas context for use on another canvas

Element attributes


  • useCamera (boolean) If present, the component will use your webcam. You must give it an index or ID source via the src attribute or through the API

  • src (string or integer) If present, this will set the source video of your component. If useCamera is present, this source can either be an integer or ID to represent your webcam

  • useCanvasForDisplay (boolean) If present, this component will hide the video, and instead show the internal canvas that draws the frames from the vidoe

  • frameDataMode (string: "binary", "imagedataurl" (default), or "imagedata" Setting for the data in the event that occurs when the frame is redrawn.

    • binary binary image output

    • imagedataurl good for setting the source of an img tag or similar

    • imagedata good for applying to another canvas element

  • canvasRefreshInterval (integer) How often, in milliseconds, the internal canvas is refreshed. Default is 250ms which is a bit choppy To see results, be sure to use with "useCanvasForDisplay". Alternately, use this to drive regular update events

  • canvasScale (float/number) Scaling of the canvas and scale of image data from the frame update events. 0.5, for example will show content at half size >


Element Events


  • ready the component is ready. No event detail is provided

  • camerasfound the component has found webcams. For a camera list, use event.detail.cameras

  • frameupdate the internal canvas has been updated, a new video frame is available. Event details provided are:

    • event.detail.framedata image data for the video frame

    • event.detail.canvascontext the 2D context of the internal canvas

    • event.detail.videoWidth the real width of the playing video

    • event.detail.videoHeight the real height of the playing video

    • event.detail.videoLeft the left position of the letterboxed video

    • event.detail.videoTop the top position of the letterboxed video

    • event.detail.width the width of the component, including letterbox

    • event.detail.height the height of the component, including letterbox )

Examples & API Documentation

API Docs

Copy Camera Image to a Canvas

Find and list Web Cameras

Render Camera to Internal Canvas

Scale Camera Image and Copy to Canvas

Scale Camera Canvas

Playback for Camera

Steal Internal Canvas Context and Render Camera Frame to another Canvas

Apply Chained Filter on Camera

Apply Filter on Camera

Copy Video Image to a Canvas

Render Video to Internal Canvas

Scale Video Image and Copy to Canvas

Scale Video Canvas

Playback for Video

Steal Internal Canvas Context and Render Video Frame to another Canvas

Apply Chained Filter on Video

Apply Filter on Video