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Creative Scala Template

This is a template project designed for people taking Creative Scala.

  1. Fork or clone this template. What's the difference?

    • If you fork this repository you get your own copy on Github. You can then clone that repository to get a copy on your computer and save work back to your fork on Github and share it with other programmers.
    • If you clone this repository without forking you get a copy on your computer but no copy on Github that you can save work back to and share.
  2. Open your Terminal or Command Prompt in this directory.

    1. In Visual Studio, go to Terminal -> New Terminal. There should be a terminal window that pops up under the code editor.
    2. Or, in Mac,
      1. Press Cmd + Space to open the Spotlight Search.
      2. Type "Terminal" to find the Terminal.
      3. Click that to open it.
      4. Go to this directory: cd <path to>/creative-scala-template. Replace <path to> with your directory path.
    3. In Windows,
      1. Go to the Start Menu.
      2. Search for Command Prompt.
      3. Click that to open it.
      4. Go to this directory: cd <path to>/creative-scala-template Replace <path to> with your directory path.
  3. Type sbt run and skip to step 6 (steps 4 and 5 do the same thing as this). Or, continue to step 4.

  4. Run ./ (OS X and Linux) or sbt.bat (Windows) to start SBT.

  5. Type console in SBT.

  6. Type Example.image.draw(). You should see a pop-up window containing a picture of three nested circles. If so, everything is working well.

You can edit the file Example.scala to create your own code. See Creative Scala for more!


Template for those following Creative Scala




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