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Opa - A XMPP Chat Client for the Web


Logo Opa

Opa is an open-source XMPP chat client for the Web (SSR) entirely built on top of Vue, NuxtJS and ElementUI that follows the coolest trends out there bye bye Flash and Desktop clients!

Trivia: "Opa", among many meanings in Brazil, is also used informally as a greeting!

Opa boasts a modern design having a clean interface that offers a good user experience. The interface is inspired by numerous web apps that already exist in the Javascript environment, such as WhatsApp Web, Telegram Web, Discord, Rocket Chat, etc... It was born as an internal project to fill the absence of an XMPP client that did not need an installation on each machine, was developed with current techs, had a modern design and supported common features for a chat in a corporate environment.

Opa has a demo available which is at latest version. For testing there are two users:

Username: darth Password: 1234

Username: luke Password: 1234

The demo is available here, have fun:

Has some feature in mind, suggestion or come across a bug? Open an Issue so we can discuss 👍


Check the features here:


Currently Opa uses for better support because your browser needs to support these three features:

Also, your XMPP server must support MSM/RSM (for message archiving).

Getting Started

The initial idea of Opa was to be a plug-n-play client to any XMPP server.

Following this you have two ways of running this app:

  • Building and running from source with NodeJS

  • Using the Docker container provided and overwriting the global configuration file


NodeJS (From Source)

The installation with NodeJS will need you to install the package manager Yarn. You can install Yarn on an NodeJS environment with this command:

npm install yarn -g

After installing Yarn you will need to clone the project into a folder. This folder will be where the Opa server will run from:

git clone

After clonning the project you will need to navigate to this folder and run the command below to build and start Opa:

yarn build && yarn start

You will, however, need to connect to your XMPP server. To do that you need to overwrite the /your-project-clone-folder/static/config/app-config.json (explanation of each option in the config file is in Configuration section).


The installation with Docker is very straightforward. You will, however, need to connect to your XMPP server. To do that you need to overwrite the /app/static/config/app-config.json (explanation of each option in the config file is in Configuration section):

docker run --name opa -d --restart=always \
  --publish 3000:3000 \
  --volume /opt/your-config.json:/app/static/config/app-config.json \
  -m 512MB \


To connect to an XMPP server you will need to overwrite the app-config.json. The options are these:

  • XMPP_SERVER_ADDRESS: The address for the HTTP/S BOSH or WSS WebSocket connection.
  • XMPP_SERVER_DOMAIN: Your chat domain.
  • APP_LOCALE: The locale needs to be set in the format "language-country", like "en-us", "pt-br", etc since this value will be used to format date through the app.
  • SHOW_USERS_WITHOUT_GROUPS: A boolean. True for showing users which don't have groups (will be put in a 'Others' group), and false for hiding these users.


Opa has a plug-n-play structure for locales, which are stored in /static/locales.

There is right now these languages:

  • en-US
  • pt-BR
  • de-DE (Thanks @matzeso for this translation)

If you want to test Opa but it doesn't have your language you can develop your own translation to the app following the example provided by en-us.json.

Once finished send a pull request on the develop branch with your translation so we can add it to Opa.

Note: It's important to remember that the file needs to follow the 'language-country.json' format which is the same used in the APP_LOCALE option.


Tested Browsers:

  • Google Chrome
  • Firefox
  • Opera
  • Microsoft Edge

Not Tested:

  • IE
  • Safari

Tested XMPP Servers:

  • Ignite Realtime: Openfire Server version 4.3.2
  • ejabberd version 18.04


  • Thanks to the IT team of Sicoob Credija which provided support, testing, and infrastructure for the development of this project.

  • Thanks VueJS, NuxtJS, Element-UI, StropheJS for the core libraries of this project.

  • The emojis used in this app comes from the Twemoji project and are licensed under CC-BY 4.0.