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Tomahawk's Android Music Player


- Open Eclipse and go to "File"->"Import"
- Under Android/ select "Existing Android Code into Workspace."
- Browse to your tomahawk-android checkout.
- Two projects will appear in the import dialog. Import them both.
  One is the app and one is the unit tests.
- Right click on "tomahawk-android-test" and select "Properties". Now 
  select "Java Build Path" and the tab "Projects". Click on "Add" and
  choose "tomahawk-android". Finish by clicking "OK".
- tomahawk-android requires the third-party support library
  "ActionBarSherlock". Download and extract the library:
- Now add it as an "Android Project" to your workspace: 
  "File"-> "Import" -> "Android" -> "Existing Android Code into Workspace"
- Go into the folder you've extracted your downloaded zip-file to and
  choose the "library" folder as your "Root Directory".
- Check "copy projects into workspace" and click "Finish".
- Now add the just created library project to tomahawk-android by
  rightclicking your "tomahawk-android" project and selecting "Properties"
- Select "Android" and add the library by clicking "Add...".
- To finish the process, choose your ActionBarSherlock library project and
  click "OK".

    - There is a known issue when importing. The primary app name
      ends up being "org.tomahawk.tomahawk_android.TomahawkMainActivity".
      Right click on the project and go to "Refactor"->"Rename". Rename
      the project to "tomahawk-android" and this should fix any errors.
    - If you have troubles building ActionBarSherlock, confirm that you have android-14 installed
      in the sdk. This version is needed to build ActionBarSherlock, but you should use latest version
      to build Tomahawk-Android.
    - If you have other build problems, confirm that your Java Compiler is set to v1.6. 
      ( in eclipse, go to tomahawk-android ( right click ) -> Properties -> Java Compiler -> 
      Compiler compliance level -> 1.6 )
    - Make sure that you dont tick the Is Library box in Properties->Android || Library.
    - It is also good to add the sdk to your path. 

required reading