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P2P Screen Sharing with WebRTC
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LICENSE Add README, fix faq typos, add client warnings Feb 19, 2019 is a free service that simplifies WebRTC screen sharing. There are two components:

  • www/ - The source for The built (and downloadable for use) version is present in the gh-pages branch.
  • host/ - The downloadable tool to support controlling the mouse and keyboard. This is still in development.


The www/ folder contains the source for the It is a very simple site. The HTML files are in www/dist/. The single index.js file they reference in the same folder is built by webpack from the TypeScript sources in www/src/.

To build the www/dist/index.js file, simply run npm run build from the www folder. The entirety of www/dist is what should be committed to the gh-pages branch.

For development, running npm run dev in www will update www/dist/index.js with a non-minified version of the source every time a TypeScript file changes. With Go installed, running go run local_web_server.go in www will make the site visible at though most features work just opening the www/dist/index.html file in the browser directly.

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